Limpopo response to the Premier’s address

Langa Bodlani, MPL

Note: Langa Bodlani, MPL in the Limpopo Legislature response to the Premier’s address.

Honourable Madam Speaker, Honourable Premier and honourable members.

The DA acknowledges the efforts put to eradicate the grips of poverty and unemployment since 1994.

No one can deny that the apartheid era was a crime against humanity in all it facets.

That being said the DA takes also the promises made by the premier to the people of this province very seriously.

We will do everything in our power to make sure that these promises do not remain as such, empty promises.

That is why it becomes a very concerning issue when millions are returned to treasury because our officials simply failed to spend them on acute service delivery issues that face us every day.

It is one thing to say that the people around Nandoni Dam must be beneficiaries of the water supply. The Premier must also be frank with our people and tell us why for such a long time these communities have been neglected.

Our failures are extreme on the health and education fronts.

Further on the issue of health, sending students to Cuba is one thing but that must be accompanied by a strong support system to ensure that our learners do not find themselves stranded in faraway countries.

This has happened and all measures must be taken to make sure that it is not repeated.

That being said, this cannot be the only measure that we must wait for to fix our health.  We must also make sure that we fund those in our borders and in our province. It has come to our attention that first and second years who are enrolled in health sciences have not been getting bursaries because the department of health has been placed under section 100 administration.

These are students from poor backgrounds and we will be expecting them to later come and serve when our government is failing to give them the help they so deserve.

As we speak, clinics are without medication and that cannot wait for the students who are still learning in Cuba.

Madam Speaker,

Also the ambivalent position taken by the premier on the NDP is also concerning.

The NPD’s position is that of a minimum intervention by the state whose role is to create an enabling environment.

It therefore beggars belief why the premier speaks of the developmental state and the NDP in the same vein.

NDP and Developmental state are mutually exclusive concepts.

For our markets to thrive and give us the much needed growth, we must let it flourish.

As head of government, the premier’s focus should be on dealing effectively with corruption which is stealing from our people.

The premier must take a leaf out of the DA’s bill to regulate state employees doing business with the very departments which employ them.

Without that law, corruption will not be nipped from its roots.

Take a firm action against those who fail to spend public money when it is there on servicing our people.

It is just a shame that this government will defend a court action against it for its own failure to deliver textbooks.

This has to come to an end Madam Speaker, already we should be starting with the process for next year to deliver textbooks.

It is just and unspeakable shame to we continuously fail to deliver textbooks and we have the audacity to defend such a failure in court.