MEC turns back on Specialised Drug Units

Michele Clarke MPL

Spokesperson on Community Safety

During yesterday’s sitting of the Gauteng Legislature, MEC for Safety and Security, Sikakele Nkosi-Malobane, indicated that the province has no plans to implement Specialised Drug Units.

In fact, the MEC was unable to provide any clear strategies for tackling the drug scourge in Gauteng.

This was in response to oral questions posed to the MEC after disturbing statistics of drug-related crimes discovered by the DA during a recent oversight visit to the Sophiatown Police station.

Sophiatown is not the only precinct suffering from such incidents; the MEC and the provincial government are well aware of extent the issue and of the fact that current strategies are not working.

Despite international best practice and the success of Specialised Drug Units all over the world, the MEC appears determined not to consider this option seriously.

I will be submitting questions to the MEC to establish:

  1. When exactly the department will have an strategy in place to tackle the drug scourge in Gauteng
  2. What options the department is considering if not Specialised Drug Units
  3. Has the MEC considered international best practice and the global success of Specialised Units
  4. If not, why not

While the department continues to delay in implementing an effective strategy, drug abuse and related crimes continue to increase exponentially across the province, placing more and more residents at risk.