No longer enslaved to the ANC

Mergan Chetty, MP


The DA parliamentary leader, Mmusi Maimane, correctly requested President Jacob Zuma to “lead or step aside”. This was supported by the lack of strong leadership exhibited by Zuma – relying once too often on the SA Communist Party and Cosatu.

The irrational outbursts of Blade Nzimande and the mayhem in Cosatu add no value to growth and the need for an open and just society.

President Zuma retorted in typical ANC style and superciliously reminded Maimane who had afforded him the freedom he is enjoying. The ANC needs never forget that many South Africans within the country supported the struggle for the demise of apartheid – Maimane himself from Soweto and a victim of apartheid!

There is never any doubt that the ANC was at the forefront of liberating us. However, in a democracy the ANC always wants its critics to remain enslaved to the party. The DA is the best example of liberated South Africans that will not be enslaved to the liberator.

As the official opposition, we will continue to ensure that democracy survives by our determined oversight role as mandates by the electorate.