Response to Gauteng SOPA

Mike Moriarty MPL

DA Gauteng Finance Spokesperson

The DA in Gauteng welcomes Premier David Makhura’s invitation to work together with his office in putting the people of Gauteng first as we move the province forward.

The Premier has demonstrated that he has a clear idea of what are the real problems that confront the people of Gauteng. He was articulate in his plan to solve these problems and further demonstrated a logical analysis of the cause and the solution to these problems. But the Premier did spoil this in subsequent interviews regarding the Johannesburg Billing Crisis.

The cause is not big businesses stealing money. The solution to people stealing money is clear: prosecute them and send them to jail. Don’t mess around. However, the cause of the problem is incorrect bills – which is a failure of one of data, system, staff and processes or any combination of these.
The DA will give him the benefit of any wisdom we may have but it should not be expect of us to turn a blind eye when his administration does things wrong.

I would like to give a word of advice. If the Premier does not examine the lessons from his predecessor over the past 5 years, he will risk repeating them and achieving the same failed result – corruption, cadre deployment, overly bureaucratic mentality of staff and lack of customer focus by staff members.
I love the idea of the “Service delivery war room”. To this I can only say, “kuyesheshwa”.