SIU must probe Msunduzi

Mergan Chetty, MP

Democratic Alliance

The recently published “Probe of wasteful projects”, is an initiative welcomed by those in the quest for good governance and accountability to the electorate.

The action by President Zuma is welcome albeit long overdue.  It is hoped the SIU will engage the Office of the Public Protector to bring culprits from Msunduzi Municipality to book.

To this end, the Democratic Alliance will address the Office of the President to institute a thorough investigation by the Special Investigative Unit into the wasteful and fruitless spending of R18 million on the infamous red brick road outside the Pietermaritzburg city hall, which comes at a time when the city is recovering from the near financial collapse of 2010.

The DA will also address the fact that ratepayers have been burdened with the city using their money to guarantee Maritzburg United Football Club, R36 million for three years.

The anomaly is that the city regards it appropriate to support business ventures with monies from ratepayers’ coffers, borrowing money on interest to address ageing essential infrastructure. This smacks of indifference towards those residents who are forced to endure cold winters with regular power failures and outages.

The core business of any well administered municipality with long term plans and vision should never include wasteful expenditure such as this.  Msunduzi should instead be focused on its core responsibility, which is service delivery.