Syndicates not to blame for FS Health woes

Mariette Pittaway MPL

Free State Provincial Legislature

There is a growing narrative that syndicates, third forces and proxies are to blame for the ANC’s failures in government. This tendency is merely an attempt to escape blame and evade accountability. There is absolutely nothing more dangerous than the paranoia of imagined enemies lurking around every corner, it leads to a complete paralysis.

Health MEC Malakoane’s allegations that a ‘syndicate’ is to blame for the Provincial Department of Health’s near collapse is a desperate flight of fancy. It is extremely convenient that suddenly a storeroom, out of hundreds of rooms at Pelonomi, was found stacked with outdated medical equipment. In no uncertain terms, this is not the work of a syndicate, rather it is a clear indication of the total collapse of the administrative management within the public health system in the Free State.

It is reported that some hospital clerks at Pelonomi have been placed on special leave following the ‘discovery’ of the storeroom. Once again, it appears that junior officials must carry the blame of the incompetence of their superiors.

The DA has long maintained that the current crisis in which the Provincial Department of Health finds itself is directly linked to administrative and financial mismanagement as well as the appointment of incompetent, unqualified and politically connected individuals to senior management positions. The lack of political accountability and transparency exacerbates this problem.

It is a tragedy that while MEC Malakoane chases ghosts and evades justice, people’s lives are put at risk due to a failing public health system.

The DA again reiterates its call on Premier Ace Magashule to fire MEC Malakoane.