Thandi Modise being investigated by SPCA for animal cruelty

Chris Hattingh MPL

DA Leader in North West

Thandi Modise, the former Premier of North West and the current Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces, is being investigated by the SPCA for animal cruelty.

The DA can confirm that the SPCA discovered a number of pigs living in dire conditions on Modise’s farm outside Potchefstroom. The animals were left without food and water, resulting in the death of 58 pigs – forcing the remaining surviving pigs to cannibalise the carcasses.

The SPCA also found 16 goats, a number of chickens and a number of geese that died due to the neglect.

This all happened on the farm Modderfontein near Potchefstroom. This farm was in the spotlight two years ago when the Landbank gave Ms Modise an extremely favourable mortgage for the property, using a state house sold to Ms Modise at a heavily discounted price as collateral for the loan.

The cruelty exhibited on this farm is unacceptable and Ms Modise should account for what exactly happened on this farm. We hope the SPCA will complete its investigation without any political interference.