Unruly behavior in the Gauteng Legislative house unacceptable

John Moodey MPL

Caucus Leader and Gauteng Provincial Leader

The fiasco caused in today’s Sitting by the Economic Freedom Front (EFF) dressed in red overalls is in contravention of the House Rules of the Gauteng Legislature. It was nothing less than cheap politics with the view of attracting media coverage.

While this stir caused a disturbance in the scheduled sitting,  the threat by the Honourable Member Mashego of the EFF that “our country will go up in flames should the EFF be removed from the House” is concerning. This threat is not one to be taken lightly, for such a statement would not be made by a rational person.

The DA supports the upholding of the integrity and decorum of the Legislature. We must ensure that the rules of engagement are respected and adhered too.