Abuse of State Resources in Ward 40 Mandela Bay By-Election

Bobby Stevenson (MPL)

Deputy provincial leader

The use by the ANC of a community crèche, on Wednesday 13 August, as a campaign office in the Ward 40 municipal by-election in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropole is another illustration of the wrongful use of state resources.

This crèche is located in Kuyga, opposite the Kuyga Community Centre, where voting is taking place today. According to our information this building belongs to the Department of Human Settlements. State resources cannot be misused for party political campaigning.

In any event, a community crèche should not be used by the ANC at the cost of disrupting the lives of young children.

On Sunday, 3 August 2014, the ANC prevented the DA from using the Kuyga Community Hall which the DA had lawfully hired. Today’s new example highlights the extent to which the ANC blurs the line between party and state. The DA will be taking this matter up with the Department of Human Settlements.

During the 2014 election campaign the Department of Human Settlements was blatantly promoting the ANC in radio advertising. The DA will also be taking this matter up with the IEC nationally, as it is part of an ongoing pattern of abuse of power which strikes at the heart of free and fair elections.