ANC municipalities pose danger to the lives of the people

Jacques Smalle MPL

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The DA has discovered that none of the Limpopo local municipalities comply with South African National Standard (SANS) ref no. 10090.

A majority of municipalities have fewer than two personnel for community protection against fire, which is the primary barometer used by municipalities to measure performance of fire services.

In a recent reply to a DA parliamentary question, the Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGHSTA) Department, indicated that lack of proper management skills, poor finance management, and budget constraints led to the municipalities not meeting these standards.

Furthermore, limited or no funding at all as well as non distribution of shares with fire services remain a serious concern.

This service is regarded as a basic service yet ageing of appliances, severe financial and resource capacity constraints continue to burden local municipal councils.

The DA believes that in case any disaster should occur in the municipalities, there will be loss of lives. This will be unacceptable considering that something can be done to avoid the situation.

This is a matter of emergency and we are concerned that the ruling party who has the ability to change the situation is doing nothing in resolving the matter.

The ruling party is putting the lives of people at risk, as municipalities are not well equipped to manage emergency situations at all.

The DA will write to COHSTA MEC, Makoma Makhurupetje who also failed to address this matter in her recent budget speech, to present before the Portfolio Committee on COHSTA a strategy to address this urgent matter.