ANC, officials regarding themselves as above the law

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Provincial Leader

The DA is shocked that officials from the department of Transport, Safety and Liaison have emblazoned the controversial Lennox Street building with its logo. The building is now officially marked as the headquarters of the department, despite the fact that former minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan gave instructions that business ties between the provincial government and Ocean Echo Properties should be severed.

It is clear that officials and the politicians who instruct them regard themselves as above the law. The arrogance of the provincial government to bluntly ignore the instructions from a minister is outrageous. All members of the Legislature have sworn an oath of obedience to the Constitution and faithfulness to the Republic.

Members of the Executive are further required to swear that they will perform the functions of their office carefully and diligently. The ANC MECs are failing in this duty. Instead of being honest and faithful councillors, as prescribed by the Constitutional oath, they are snubbing the national government and refusing to act on instructions given by higher authorities. The MECs who fail to carry out the instructions from the Minister of Finance disregard their own oaths and so reduce their own words to meaningless nonsense.

One must ask why the provincial government is persisting in its business relations with Ocean Echo Properties. Who is benefiting from these deals? Why are the national instructions to stop the leases disregarded?

Questions on these corrupt dealings would have been put to the premier during yesterday’s House sitting. The premier and her entire cabinet instead decided not to attend the sitting. It is not a coincidence that the Aids council meeting was scheduled for the same day, but forms part of a greater ANC effort to avoid any sort of accountability and ethics. It is nothing new for the ANC-premiers to shirk question times.

Why is the executive so afraid of being asked questions to which they have to give honest answers?