ANC to make good on their promises of payment

Bosman Grobler MPL

DA Whip in the Mpumalanga Legislature

Note: The following Members Statement was delivered in the Mpumalanga Legislature today by Bosman Grobler MPL the DA Whip in the Mpumalanga Legislature.

It has recently come to the attention of the DA that the ANC has once again wrongfully used property, not belonging to them, without due payment being made.

The case in question refers to a song written by musicians Bezile “Caspero” Mashinini and Gamelihle.  These musicians were approached to perform during the 100 year celebrations of the ANC.  To date they have not received the monies owed to them as per their agreement with ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu.  However, the ANC has in the interim used their song, 100 years ANC, on a CD that was made to promote the party during the recent elections.

How can a ruling party make promises to govern a country properly, if they cannot even manage their own accounts?

Unemployment is rife and yet the ANC is adding fuel to the fire by not paying young entrepreneurs what is owed to them for services rendered.

Is it not the purpose of our government to uplift young artists and build on their future, instead of breaking them down?