ANC’s elaborate publicity stunt

Rafeek Shah MPL

Democratic Alliance KZN Spokesperson on Transport

The Daily News article “Blue Light abusers slammed” (1 August 2014) – in which the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal states that it will not tolerate the abuse of blue lights by its members in government – is little more than an elaborate publicity stunt.

To add insult to injury the party goes on to state that the abuse of blue lights ‘smacks of arrogance’.

If the ANC truly believes this and if it wants to be taken seriously then why is there no legislated official policy in KZN which bans blue lights?

The DA has already done so in the Western Cape and the question must be asked – what is KZN’s leadership waiting for?

Talk is cheap.  Unless the ANC is prepared to put its money where its mouth is then blue light brigades will continue to threaten the safety and security of all road-users.