Brandfort sewerage plant overflows into freshwater streams

George Michalakis MP

DA member in the National Council of Provinces for the Free State and constituency head for Lejweleputswa Region

Raw sewerage from the Brandfort sewerage plant is flowing into nearby fresh water streams, contaminating water sources for use by the local population and cattle.

Farmers and members of the Brandfort community have reported that cattle have been infected by the intake of contaminated water and died.

The contaminated water further poses a risk to residents within the Majwemasjweu area.

The DA has opened a criminal case against the municipal manager, Mr Sipho Mtakati, for failure to comply with provisions under the National Water Act (No 36 of 1998).

I have also asked my colleague in the Free State Legislature, James Letuka, to write to COGTA MEC, Olly Mlamleli, requesting the provincial department to intervene and rectify the situation.

The Free State is a water scarce province, we cannot allow the contamination of our fresh water resources to continue due to the incompetence of local authorities. Failure to manage our water resources appropriately exposes residents to disease and threatens their livelihoods.