DA calls on MEC for urgent intervention

Anthony Benadie MPL

Spokesperson for Education

The DA sent an urgent letter to the MEC of Education with regards to the continuing problems at the Trichardtfontein Combined School.

The school gates were closed by the Sheriff of the Court two weeks ago due to the Department of Education not paying the land owner for the rental of the school since 2012.  A payment of R450 000.00 was made last week, but the Department has now refused to sign an acknowledgement of debt for the remainder of the monies owed.

The DA wishes to express our gratitude to the landowner, who has taken it upon himself to open the gates of the school today whilst receiving no support from the Department of Education.  Unfortunately, the school will not remain open should the Department of Education not make full and final settlement of the account by the last day of this month.

The DA would like to urge the MEC to please intervene as a matter of urgency to ensure that this school is not closed again.  The learners of Trichardtfontein should not be bearing the brunt of the Department’s financial challenges and their success at the end of the school year lies firmly in the hands of the MEC of Education.