DA calls on teachers to apply for vacant posts after R200 million funding boost

Edmund van Vuuren MPL

Shadow MEC for Education

The DA is requesting teachers and principals to become proactively involved in assisting the Eastern Cape Department of Education in filling vacant posts in the province.  We have started a campaign to encourage teachers to avail themselves for vacant positions.

I have been informed that the department has been allocated an additional R200 million from the Provincial Treasury in the current financial year for the filling of vacant posts in schools.  The money is available immediately.

The DA therefore encourages principals and teachers who are qualified to teach at our Afrikaans-medium schools to avail themselves in a constructive effort to address the ongoing teacher-crisis in the province.  These educators are requested to send their details directly to their respective district offices of the department of education.

School principals are encouraged to also submit the staff needs in their respective schools to district offices.

For too long the future of our children have been left hanging in the balance due to teacher shortages.  We have seen increasing incidents of schools being closed by desperate parents and principals in an effort to get the attention of the department.    Such actions will not solve the problem.

The teacher shortage in the province is an issue that affects us all.  We are all in this together.  Our combined efforts to assist the department in a constructive manner can bring an end to this crisis.