DA to investigate KZN tender “culture of entitlement”

Sizwe Mchunu, MPL

Leader of the DA in the KZN Legislature

The Democratic Alliance is suitably concerned by the KZN government’s own admission of a ‘culture of entitlement’ – with preferential treatment given to certain companies when it comes to the handing out of large government contracts.

While the confession is not surprising, it is alarming.  At best, it points to a relationship between officials and contractors which is highly suspicious.  At worst it points to blatant corruption.

The DA will this week submit parliamentary questions to each KZN MEC on this issue.  We will call for the names of any companies which have been awarded more than two government contracts during the past three financial years.  We will also call for the value of each contract.

We are particularly interested in contracts for consumables such as cleaning, catering, entertainment, security and office supplies.  Furthermore, we will ask whether normal Supply Chain procedures were followed and if not why not.

In the event that our own investigation uncovers any transgressions, we expect the Premier’s Integrity Unit to launch its own probe.  That is precisely why this unit was established.  Failure to act will merely condone what is happening in our province.