DA to raise reports of e-tag intimidation with MEC

Michele Clarke MPL

DA Spokesperson on Community Safety

This weekend I received several complaints from members of the public who were asked to show their e-tags at roadblocks in Gauteng.

These roadblocks consisted of Gauteng Traffic police and SANRAL vehicles and motorists were reportedly questioned as to why they did not have an e-tag.

Recently, I asked oral questions to the MEC of Community Safety regarding this recently noted partnership at roadblocks in the province.

The MEC admitted that SANRAL has no official mandate at these roadblocks and that they play only a supportive role by providing advanced technology.

According to the MEC, only Gauteng Traffic Police are able to stop vehicles and conduct general law enforcement.

The MEC further denied any intimidation on the part of SANRAL or Gauteng Traffic Police in regards to forcing people to buy e-tags.

I will be raising these reports of intimidation with the MEC as a matter of urgency and asking her to  provide clear steps as to how the department will ensure that this does not continue.

Members of the public who experience such incidents are encouraged to report these immediately to the DA via the following number: 060 558 8309.