DA welcomes Limpopo skills audit but calls for more

Jacques Smalle (MPL)

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

Although the Democratic Alliance in Limpopo welcomes the Limpopo Provincial Executive Council (PEC) to conduct skills audit as announced today, DA is of the view that  not only provincial departments must be audited but other spheres of government too.

Particularly, DA remains concern over the inability of good governance and lack of proper finance management in some if not most municipalities in this province.

Some municipalities’ salary budgets are dry and municipal infrastructure grants are improperly used to pay salaries and also to fund other mismanaged obligations of our municipalities.

The recent Eskom’s presentation to the Department of Energy last month shows that at a time when the country’s power supply remains constrained, Limpopo municipalities are amongst the highest debtors in electricity payments to Eskom.

The report identifies poor financial skills of municipal managers, municipal billing and tariffs implementing of a proper credit policy as some of major problems hindering service delivery for the people of Limpopo.

It is for these reasons that the DA call for the PEC to also invest its energy to look deeper into municipal affairs as they are directly affecting service delivery in Limpopo.