DA Welcomes the suspension of three teachers for alleged racism

Patricia Kopane MP

DA Free State Leader

The DA welcomes the move by the Free State Department of Education to suspend two school principals and a teacher for alleged racism.

The principal of Dr Viljoen Combined School in Bloemfontein, the principal of Christian de Wet Hoërskool in Dewetsdorp and a St Helena Primary School teacher have been suspended with immediate effect. These people must be suspended until the investigations against them can be completed. If they are found guilty, they must be permanently suspended and barred from ever teaching again.

The DA welcomes this move. Racism cannot be tolerated.

It must be said that we must all appreciate and applaud the good work done by the majority of teachers. The actions of a tiny majority of teachers must not blind us to the good work that is being done by the vast majority of teachers every day.

The DA is committed in ensuring an attitude of tolerance and respect towards those of different races.