Gauteng has no formal plan to maintain lighting on Provincial Roads

Graham Gersbach MPL

DA Spokesperson on Roads

Confusion as to who is responsible for the maintenance of lighting on provincial roads in Gauteng continues.

Initially, in response to DA questions in this regard, the MEC for Roads and Transport Ismail Vadi indicated that municipalities and SANRAL undertake lighting maintenance on the department’s behalf.

However, in a more recent reply the MEC indicated that the department is still in the process of entering into a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SANRAL and the municipalities regarding maintenance. This is only scheduled for finalisation by the end of 2014 and interim maintenance will be carried out by SANRAL and the municipalities “as and when required”.

It is clear that the department has no capacity of its own or any current formal agreements in place for the maintenance of lighting. This includes in the R24 where the lights continuously fail, and on Atlas Road at the R21 off-ramps where criminal incidents, including smash and grab, take place on a regular basis.

The MEC also indicated that there is no preventative or planned maintenance in place for lighting on any provincial roads.

In the absence of any current MOU’s, I will be submitting questions to the MEC of Roads and Transport to establish:

  1. What is the protocol followed by the department, SANRAL and municipalities where lighting maintenance on roads is required
  2. What protocol should the public follow to report lighting issues on the province’s roads

As the economic hub of South Africa one would expect that the Gauteng provincial government would make the effort to keep the lights on the povincial roads maintained, both for financial and safety purposes.