Limpopo losing its grip on jobs

Jacques Smalle, MPL

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The slow paced reduction of unemployment rates in Limpopo continues to haunt the unemployed community in the province.

The recent Quarterly Labour Force Survey of Statistics SA, shows that government is far from reaching its empty job creation promises. The said report further indicates that only 8000 out of the 238 000 people are no longer considered unemployed, leaving 230 000 locals hopeless to finding a means of living.

Limpopo has experienced most job losses in agriculture and mining which are its primary sectors and biggest contributors to its provincial GDP. Between the 2013-2014¸ mining experienced 24.8 % job losses and agriculture saw a 3.4% loss.

This suggests that the ANC led provincial government is far from reaching its employment growth of 2.8 % in 2014 let alone its 5% target.

While the report indicates a slight increase in employment in other sectors such as manufacturing and construction, the DA questions how many of these are decent jobs and not merely job opportunities such as the ‘EPWP’ jobs.

The DA advocates for the Equal Opportunity Society for All which entails individuals being given jobs based on their merit and abilities instead of cultural and political affiliations.

We will continue to engage the department of agriculture and mineral resources to establish their plans to protect and boost its ailing mining and agricultural sectors.