Limpopo Maths in disarray

Jacques Smalle MPL

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The DA welcomes the Department of Basic Education ‘s plans  to make mathematics compulsory in all schools  however, the state of the subject in Limpopo is in trouble.

The Limpopo Department of Education fourth quarter report from January to March 2014 indicates that out of  74 211 learners in grade 12 , 21 088 passed the subject. This means that  the maths pass rate in the province is 28%.  The report further shows that the quality of this subject in public schools in particular, is far worse when compared to the independent schools.

The performance of  learners who wrote the subject in the Annual National Assessment (ANA), shows that mathematics in the foundation phase is still a worrying factor

  • In Grade 3 only 44.4% passed the subject
  • In Grade 6 only 44.6% passed the subject
  • In Grade 9, a shocking 17% passed the subject

The training of 141 senior phase teachers on maths content and methodology, is not enough and suggests that the department is not serious about the quality of maths educators and output of learners.

86 Schools are not offering maths in grade 12, 55 in grade 11 and 61 in grade 10 across the province.

The DA strongly recommends that the department improves the quality of our math teachers. The plan should also divulge how it will provide the resources and materials for schools from foundation to senior phase.

The department must also indicate how it plans on strengthening the subject through supplementary tutoring programmes.