Magashule obfuscates on illegal Letlaka contracts

Roy Jankielsohn, MPL

Leader of the Official Opposition in the Free State Provincial Legislature

Premier Ace Magashule is trying to be clever claiming that he does not know to which specific National Treasury report we referred to in a written question submitted to him regarding the illegal multimillion rand contracts between his office, Letlaka Media and the illegal transversal agreements between his office and other provincial departments.

In his reply, Premier Magashule states that he is unable to answer the question posed to him since it is unclear to which report in question we are referring to. There is only one report initiated by National Treasury into the Letlaka Media contracts.

This is nothing but a desperate attempt to avoid accountability and a blatant refusal to implement the recommendations contained within the National Treasury report.

The Premier has repeatedly denied ever receiving the report despite a letter by his then Director-General and now Finance MEC, Me Elzabe Rockman, disputing the findings in and the legitimacy of the report. She insinuates that the Treasury investigation was nothing but a factionalist plot to undermine Ace Magashule.

The report confirmed that the contract with Letlaka Media and the transversal agreements are illegal and that they should be cancelled. The report further states that criminal charges must be brought against those who are implicated in the scandal. This was confirmed by then Minister of Finance, Mr Pravin Gordhan in reply to a written question submitted to him.

I will resubmit the written question to Premier Ace Magashule at the next available opportunity and, will for his benefit, attach the full Treasury Report, the letter to Treasury by MEC Elzabe Rockman, and the reply received from Minister Pravin Gordhan. This will ensure that there is no room for Premier Magashule to manoeuvre behind feigned ignorance. He must answer the question in terms of his constitutional obligations and the rules of the legislature.

The DA reported the matter to the HAWKS last year and is currently under investigation.

Ace Magashule must take note that the Law always works its course and that he can’t run away forever. Sooner or later, the long arm of the Law always catches up and the DA will ensure that this happens sooner rather than later.