Motorist’s behaviour undermines efforts on the R40

Jane Sithole MPL

Spokesperson – Public Works, Roads & Transport

Motorist’s making use of the treacherous R40 / Plaston Road intersection are already undermining the authorities and putting lives at risk.

The DA welcomes the installation of rumble strips as well as a speed hump on the Plaston Road, although motorist’s outrageous behaviour has deemed these null and void.

On a visit to the site yesterday, the DA witnessed repeated actions by motorists to defy the calming measures already put in place. Click here to view high resolution photographs.

In light of the above, the DA calls on the MEC to ensure that traffic calming measures stretch across the entire driveable portion of the road.

The DA had the opportunity to speak to members of the public as well as the construction workers on site.  It is apparent that the main concern is still for vehicles who suffer brake failures on this stretch of road and therefore the DA feels that it is imperative that more rumble strips and speed humps are installed.

In terms of the actual R40, the DA calls on the Department as well as the Municipality to ensure that a traffic light is installed at this crossing.  Furthermore, the use of CCTV camera’s as well as visible policing would ensure that all aspects of road safety are adhered to at the intersection.

The DA will be keeping a close eye on the developments and sincerely hope that the Department and Municipality react quickly and efficiently to ensure no more lives are lost.