Mpumalanga must prepare for the Ebola virus outbreak

Jane Sithole MPL

DA Provincial Spokesperson on Health

Note: The following Members Statement was delivered in the Mpumalanga Legislature today by Jane Sithole MPL the DA’s Provincial Spokesperson on Health.

The current outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus is being hailed as the most severe to be recorded in history.  With a suspected 1603 cases and 887 deaths reported by the World Health Organisation, this epidemic is a matter that must be regarded with the highest level of importance.

The DA wishes to question the MEC on whether our province is ready, should this epidemic reach our borders with Mozambique and Swaziland.

Neighbouring provinces are currently putting steps in place at their airports to ensure that this virus does not spread into South Africa.

The following are points of order that the DA feels the MEC should ensure are in place at all our points of entry:

  1. Screening mechanisms that will assist the health care personnel to correctly identify the virus.
  2. A demarcated area for assessments and, if necessary, quarantine as well as adequate equipment and vehicles to transport patients to the nearest hospital as per the protocol for EVD.