Tax payers money wasted in court to hide corruption in Tubatse

Jacques Smalle MPL

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

While service delivery has reached an adverse state and leaves the people of Greater Tubatse Municipality frustrated, the acting municipal manager ,Adelaide Monyepao, is in the Gauteng High Court using municipal monies illegally to sweep fraud and corruption charges against her and her cronies, under the carpet.

The DA has it in good authority that Monyepao is in court fighting to stop a Hawks investigation which could potentially implicate her, senior officials including those in the office of the municipal manager. The municipal funds used in this case are not approved by council as a resolution.

Apparently, Monyepao is arguing that the due channels in instituting the investigation were not properly followed and that makes the Hawks investigations illegal.

According to DA councillors in the municipality, there are many issues that need attention and finances to benefit and better the lives of the poor instead of spending time and money in court.

The DA cannot allow a situation whereby accounting officers uses state resources to fight their battles if it is not in the interest of the people.

This municipality amongst other has been making news headlines for wrong reason.

Corruption, maladministration and finance mismanagement amounting to violation of the Municipal Finance Management Act and Supply Chain policies has been on the centre of the municipalities’ circuses.

The DA urges Cooperative Governance MEC, Makoma Makhurupetja, to intervene in the illegal usage of municipal funds in personal court battles.

The people continue to regret placing this council in the hands of the crooks who strive for nothing but to benefit the few.