When will the R40 be made safe?

Bosman Grobler MPL

Whip of the DA in the Mpumalanga Legislature

Note: The following members statement was tabled by Bosman Grobler MPL today in the Mpumalanga Legislature.

Hon. Speaker, I rise to deliver a statement on behalf of the Democratic Alliance, with regards to the ongoing road carnage on the R40.

The R40 has been discussed in this house twice last week. This house knows the history of this this infamous intersection very well.

The MEC has made a promise to intervene in this matter.

On Tuesday the 29th of July, in reply to a statement by the DA, Hon Shongwe said that processes take time and that time should be given to allow progress on the matter.

Directly thereafter, Hon Shongwe, in a motion without notice, congratulated the Mbombela Municipality for being busy with the installation of the traffic lights and a speed bump. Although this was a contradiction with the answer on the statement, Hon Windvoƫl did remind the house that time has lapsed since the statement earlier.

Today, three days later, and four days after the initially promised intervention, there are still no visible measures in place to curb the accidents on this dangerous intersection.

How many more people need to die on this road before this administration takes action.

Today, the DA calls on MEC Shongwe, to give this house a deadline on when these measures spoken about will be in place.

The MEC has made a commitment; he must give us a deadline and put his money where his mouth is.

I thank you.