100 days and beyond:  KZN Premier scores 7/18 on inauguration promises

Sizwe Mchunu, MPL

Leader of the DA in the KZN Legislature

In his May inauguration speech, Premier, Senzo Mchunu, made many promises to the people of KZN.

He made those promises in the form of projects to be undertaken by the ANC leadership during the next 100 days, under the heading “100 Days of Action and Commitment”.

September 3rd marked 100 days in office for the Premier and his cabinet.

Research conducted by the DA in the KZN Legislature into the status of each of the 18 projects earmarked by the Premier reveals that only seven have been acted upon.

This is a dismal performance.

It is also yet another indication of the ruling party’s inability to execute it own grand plans.

The following table indicates the project, the Premier’s promise, the current status of each initiative and whether he has delivered on his 100 day commitment or not;

Project Promised Status 100 days
Jika Joe informal settlement (Pietermaritzburg) Emergency accommodation for 350 families while construction of 1000 community residences underway Slabs are on the ground with a few top structures built but they are not yet habitable and certainly not enough for 350 families. The Premier also promised residents that building of permanent residences would kick-start in the next three months FAILED
Groutville Priority 2 and 5 Handover of 1500 units with electricity and running water Building is close to 1 500 but there is no water/sanitation and a pipeline has to be installed. Houses still have no doors or windows leading to illegal occupation


Masinenge (Hibiscus Coast) Handover of  100 houses to beneficiaries No houses have been handed over. FAILED
Umzinto Handover of  100 houses to beneficiaries The transfer of properties in Ghandinagar Township, using EEDBS subsidies, has begun.

The upgrade of Riverside Park flats and subsequent transfer using EEDBS subsidies has begun

The Umzinto Slums Clearance Project aimed at providing formal housing for the myriad and growing problems of squatter settlements has begun


uMlazi slums clearance campaign Access to basic services including electricity, water and sanitation for 350 units in various sections including Q, W, D and H


This was forced through Council as a Section 36 project at the Premier’s  demand which in itself raises concerns ACTIONED
Ofafa Supply of electricity Nothing has happened. All residents have received are stickers. FAILED
Mahhehle Supply of electricity



Residents are now receiving electricity ACTIONED
Emakhabeleni(Kranskop) Supply of electricity



Local councillors report that nothing has happened FAILED
And KwaGcothoyi (Kranskop) Supply of electricity



Again nothing has happened FAILED
Water Leaks


Rollout of ‘War on Water Leaks’ Programme in areas such  Inanda, Ntuzuma and KwaMashu Mere politicking on the part of the Premier.  Nothing concrete has happened. FAILED
Greater Dukuduku Project Area Opening of a new bulk water system which will provide water to this community/launch EPWP This is an upgrade of the existing pipeline from Mtubatuba to St Lucia, which will supply Dukuduku on its way.   Pipes that were lying above ground have now been laid. The community claim to know nothing about the EPWP – all they have seen is a board being put up.


Techno hub (Pietermaritzburg) Development of a technology hub in PMB The hub is supposed to be near the airport.  To date there has only been a fact-finding trip to Malaysia with no visible plans yet FAILED
Techno hub (Newcastle) Development of a technology hub in Newcastle The programme was recently launched in PMB so there is some movement but the Premier did not meet his 100 day deadline FAILED
Techno hub Development of a technology hub in Port Shepstone The technology hub project in Port Shepstone has been initiated. The land has been transferred and plans are in place for building.


Techno hub Development of a  technology hub in Richards Bay No visible plans FAILED

Shortage of health professionals


Students to be sent to study Pharmacy in India


This has been done



Emadlangeni Municipality (Utrecht) Resolve land use tensions in order to  realise agricultural potential/ new Agri-village Consultations have taken place.  The agri-village is in the planning stages ACTIONED
Reconfiguration of  provincial government departments Gaming and Betting to be transferred to Provincial Treasury This has taken place ACTIONED

These are very specific commitments within a time frame stipulated by the Premier himself.  There can be no excuse for failing to deliver.

The people of KZN – in particular those who are directly affected by these projects – have every right to feel let down. They have every right to question the ruling party’s will to bring change.

As KZN’s Official Opposition, the DA is committed to rigorous oversight of the provincial cabinet.  We will continue to expose the shortfalls of the provincial leadership and hold them to account for failure to deliver on their promises.

The people of our province deserve much more.