ANC responsible for Mogalakwena’s chaos

C.F Beyers Smit (MP)

DA National Council of Provinces member

The situation at Mogalakwena Local Municipality in Limpopo has now gotten out of control with the shooting of the ex-mayor of Waterberg district Municipality.

All of this is because of ANC infighting. Neither the COGTA MEC nor the ANC’s leadership are able to resolve these problems.

This uncertain environment that halts service delivery and basic council functions have escalated since 2012.

It all started after the DA initiated a forensic audit in 2012 after suspected corruption by the Mayor. The KPMG report implicated various councillors, officials as well as the business interests of senior ANC politicians in the province.

The DA will not stand by and observe the abuse of public funds to fight ANC battles in court. DA will not allow ANC cronies to loot the coffers of this Municipality.

Neither can the DA allow the abuse of section 139 interventions to settle political scores in an attempt to make corruption charges disappear. The

The DA challenges Minister Pravin Gordhan to explain to the voters of Mogalakwena;

1. Why the findings and recommendations of the KPMG report has not yet been implemented.

2. When his department will bring stability and accountability to the Municipality.

The DA will submit an urgent motion to the NCOP to convene a plenary so that Minister Pravin Gordhan may answer.