Crime stats show KZN is South Africa’s “murder province”

Dr Rishigen Viranna, MPL

DA KZN Spokesperson on Community Safety and Liaison

The DA in KZN is extremely disturbed by the 2013/14 crime stats, which reveal that the province has the highest murder rate in South Africa.

With 3 625 murders on record KZN recorded more murders than the Eastern Cape (3 453) or Gauteng (3 333) which also documented increased murder rates.

KZN has been described as the “riskiest” province in which to live.

Other violent crime in KZN, including attempted murder, aggravated robbery and common robbery is also either increased or relatively unchanged.

Drug-related crime rose by 9%.  This is highly indicative of the scale of this problem and shows the effect that the lack of specialised drug units is having on crime levels in our province.

The DA believes that these dismal statistics are the direct result of a lack of will and ineffective law enforcement.

We regard it as critical that new legislation is introduced.  To this end we submitted a Community Safety Bill to KZN MEC Willies Mchunu in June last year.

This Bill allows for laws which will make police more accountable to the safety needs of communities through a partnership between civil organizations and the provincial government.  Most importantly, it aims to make KZN a safer province in which to live.

Due to a lack of political will it was not adopted during the previous term.

The DA will resubmit this Bill.  We expect the MEC to act on it.

If today’s KZN crime stats do not spark some kind of action, then nothing ever will.

The DA expects drastic action to be taken in order to significantly reduce the horrific crime levels in our province.