Crisis Management required at Thaba Chweu Municipality

Farhad Essack MP

DA Member of Parliament

Once again Thaba Chweu is making headlines with mismanagement and maladministration running rife through the corridors of the municipality.

During last week officials of the municipality had to do damage control in order to prevent the assets from being seized due to outstanding monies owed to service providers.  The Sheriff of the court arrived with a notice of attachment issued to Thaba Chweu Municipality for R563 670 owing to Sivuthumlilo Trading.

Amongst the list of assets to be seized were four tractors, three trucks, five bakkies, two trailers, twenty computers, twenty tables and twenty chairs.  Thaba Chweu then proceeded to make the necessary payment and seizure of the assets was prevented.

It is obvious that the financial woes of the municipality are nowhere near ending.  The DA can only hope that the recent by-election is a sign that the tide is turning and that the residents of Thaba Chweu are also realising that the status quo cannot continue.

The time is coming when the DA will get the opportunity to step in with political will and determination to change the situation.  The current government has proven time and again in the Thaba Chweu district that they are incompetent and not capable of running a municipality.

It is an absolute disgrace that the residents of Thaba Chweu are the ones who have to carry the brunt of bad service delivery, corruption and maladministration.