DA commends WCED for swift proactive reaction

MPP Basil Kivedo

DA Western Cape Spokesperson for Education

Madame Speaker, I take this opportunity to commend the Western Cape Education Department on their swift proactive reaction to the media reports regarding the alleged rape game played in a Mitchell’s Plain school.

Madame Speaker, although it was established that the game of this nature was not being played in schools, the very thought of it as a reality is appalling. This is especially shocking in light of the increasing number of sexual violence offenses, particularly in which school going-aged children are involved.

In agreement with the department, due to the allegations found untrue, we as public representatives and as the role-players entrusted with the wellbeing of the people of the Western Cape, we cannot and must not be complacent. It is a sad reality that sexual violence is prevalent and too many of our children are exposed to these crimes.

The manner in which the Western Cape Education Department responded to the reports is both commendable and admirable. As soon as the reports appeared in the media, the department made it public knowledge and also included their steps in addressing the issue. They immediately launched a full investigation into the matter and engaged with all the relevant stakeholders.

The DA is pleased that no such game is being played by children in the Western Cape. However, false accusations of this nature is taken seriously because it can imprint in the minds of learners ideas to be executed in reality. We welcome the guidelines made available by the department and also create awareness on the call from Minister Schafer in which learners are encouraged to contact our Safe Schools Centre on 0800 45 46 47 to report sexual abuse and violence or receive advice and counselling.  Madame Speaker, the department’s proactive efforts are indicative of how the values of the constitution, are realised through education in the Western Cape.