DA disappointed with 2015 post declaration

Edmund van Vuuren (MPL)

Shadow MEC for Education

The DA is disappointed with the declaration by education MEC Mandla Makupula this morning that the post provisioning for 2015 will remain the same as in 2014, with no new additional posts for the introduction of an African language, which forms part of the declaration.

With no extra posts allocated, it means that schools in the Eastern Cape will in 2015 again fall short of having a teacher in each classroom.  According to the declaration there will be 55 796 posts for educators and 7 080 posts for non-teaching staff.

If all vacant posts in schools could be filled and teachers are paid on time in 2015, this would go a long way in improving education in the Eastern Cape.

However, over 2 000 posts are currently still vacant and how the post basket will be distributed remains a concern.   Schools must now receive and verify their pre-final post provisioning.  The department aims to issue final post establishments in the third week of October, which leave little time for schools to plan their budgets for 2015.

The DA believes that the Department of Education can relieve the financial pressure in finding money to pay for teachers.  The department needs to cut back on the large numbers of administrative officials in its top-heavy bureaucracy.