DA KZN:  Mooi/Mpofana rubbish dump burning for two weeks

Ann McDonnell, MPL

DA KZN Spokesperson on Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs

An oversight visit to the Mooi River/Mpofana area, following concerns raised by local DA Councillor Ken Denysschen, has revealed that the municipal dump has been on fire since 27 August, billowing hideous smoke through the area.

A local creche, Bruntville township and Weston Agriculture College are badly affected by the pollution from this site. The burning is believed to be an annual occurrence in the dry windy season.  The DA has copies of regular correspondence to the various responsible people.

Sadly, a good recycling project on the property has also been extensively damaged by the fire, leaving the project manager and his staff unable to make an income.  The DA will table a question to KZN’s COGTA MEC to find out when this will be rebuilt.

While the dump falls under the Umgungundhlovu District Municipality, day to day management is done by the Mpofana Local Municipality.

The DA has approached the National Shadow Minister for Environment to raise questions in parliament around this land fill, and its compliance with the Waste Management Act.

This situation is yet another example of the municipality’s failure to act in the best interests of the people of Mooi/Mpofana.  For the municipal rubbish dump to have been burning for almost two weeks while acrid smoke fills the air is unacceptable.