DA to visit KwaMhlanga and Moloto to address water crisis

Henro Kruger MP

DA Member of the National Assembly

The lack of water in KwaMhlanga and Moloto has now reached crisis proportions with residents, schools and hospitals being left without water for the past ten days.

According to reports, the Thembisile Hani Local Municipalityis financially strapped and therefore cannot afford to maintain the water infrastructure required to provide these areas with a sustainable water supply.  Furthermore accusations of corruption within the municipality have added to the problem and the DA can no longer stand by and watch as residents are denied basic services.

DA member of the National Assembly, Henro Kruger MP, will tomorrow visit the area and personally speak to residents in order to ascertain the facts behind this situation.  Henro Kruger will address the matter in parliament next week in order to ensure that government puts measures in place to rectify the situation immediately.

The DA will draft a petition which will be handed over to the Human Rights Commission to further support their case.

It is a sad state of affairs that school children have to go a whole day without a drop of water and toilet facilities are non-existent.  The lack of water will eventually lead to a major health crises as hygiene and cleanliness are impossible tasks to achieve.