Department of Health turning a blind eye to baby kidnapping

Jane Sithole MPL

Spokesperson for Department of Health

The Mpumalanga Department of Health must take a more proactive approach in leading the search for a baby who went missing from Rob Ferreira Hospital over the weekend.

It is imperative that the Department issues a statement to ensure that this baby has the best possible chance of being found. The public must officially be made aware of the gender of the baby, the race and any recognisable features in order to create awareness about this sad incident.

The department must make public any known information or circumstances that could have led to the baby’s disappearance and which could assist in finding this child.

The Department must ask that any member of the public who has noticed that an individual or family mysteriously now has new born baby, knowing that they were not expecting one, to please step forward.

Now is not the time for the Department of Health to shut down communications and hide away. This baby’s life depends on a collective community effort to find him and reunite him with his mother.

The DA calls on the MEC to take this matter seriously and issue an immediate press statement with the necessary information.

Furthermore, the department needs to assist the family in receiving trauma counselling and ensure their full co-operation with the SAPS.