Educational quality will not be attained if the skills of educators are not improved

Alan Fuchs MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson for Education

The Gauteng Department of Education’s first quarterly report indicates that it has failed to adequately train educators.

The objective of quality educational outcomes remains a distant dream. The National Development Plan recognises the failure to improve quality. The NDP says that the main contributing factors to this lack of quality are human capacity weaknesses in teaching, management and district support, the poor language skills of learners and the lack of cooperation between key stakeholders, particularly unions and government.

Victims of this lack of quality are largely learners in poor township schools. As a result, we have another lost generation without the basic skills to take advantage of tertiary educational opportunities and contribute towards the economy of this country. This will perpetuate reliance on state assistance forever.

The Educational Portfolio Committee raised a concern about the quality of training for educators, even when it does occur. The department indicates that they assess impact on the quality of training by taking a sample of teachers who have attended the training and evaluating their skill levels.

Quality outcomes can only be achieved if teachers are well versed in subject knowledge.

I will call on the chairperson of the Portfolio Committee to request the department to provide a report on the evaluation of educator skills. The objective of this exercise is to satisfy ourselves that we are not unleashing unskilled and incompetent educators on our children.