EduSolutions loses LSTM Bid

Anthony Benadie MPL

Spokesperson – department of education

EduSolutions three year contract to supply Mpumalanga’s government schools with textbooks and stationery has come to an abrupt end.

In 2012, the contract worth an estimated R120 million rand caused major controversy when EduSolutions convinced the department of education to pay them a further 15% over and above the original contract fee.

The initial three year contract included a clause whereby the contract could be extended for a further two years.

On further research it has come to the attention of the DA that nine of the initial twelve Directors of EduSolutions have resigned, including the Managing Director, Moosa Nthimba.

Although the DA commends the Department of Education for making the wise and long overdue decision to end the contract with an obviously failing EduSolutions, it raises numerous questions as to the process that was involved.

According to the 30 day publication of the winning bid, which is currently the only documentation available, the bidding process seems to be questionable as all five of the bidding companies scored a two including EduSolutions and Bongani Rainmakers Logistics, who then proceeded to win the bid.

The DA will submit written parliamentary questions to the MEC of Education, Reginah Mhaule, with regards to the following:

  1. Who were the active members of the tender process, namely, the Bid Specification Committee, the Bid Evaluation Committee and the Bid Adjudication Committee?
  2. At what cost has the new contract been awarded and is this in line with the amount awarded to EduSolutions for the same services?
  3. What factors attributed to the appointment of the new service provider, if in fact all companies achieved the same score?

The DA is determined to delve deeper into the questionable tender processes and to make public whether the correct tender procedures were followed and at what cost to the people of Mpumalanga.