Free State governance drops 5 places in one year – MPAT

Roy Jankielsohn, MPL

Leader of the Official Opposition in the Free State Provincial Legislature

Premier Ace Magshule has proved that being a shrewd politician does not automatically translate into a good premier.

The Free State Provincial Government under the premiership of Ace Magashule dropped five places in overall good governance and performance indicators in one year. The province scored an overall 60% below the line for partial to total noncompliance with key indicators.

This was revealed in the National Department of performance Monitoring and Evaluation’s annual Management Performance Assessment Tool (MPAT) for the 2013/14 financial year.

During the 2012/13 review period the Free state was ranked fourth nationally just below national government. In the space of one year it has dropped five places making it the second worst governed province after North-West.

The same report has for the second year running found that the DA-run Western Cape Provincial Government is the best managed government in South Africa. The Western Cape Provincial government scored 10 on all performance indicators during both the 2012/13 and 2013/14 review periods.

The MPAT measures the performance of each provincial government and department and then aggregates scores per province accordingly.

The Free State provincial government dropped several places in each of the report’s 4 key performance areas:

  • For Strategic Management the Free State scored nine in 2012/13 but dropped four places to five in 2013/14;
  • For Governance and Accountability the province scored eight in 2012/13 dropping six places to two;
  • Human Resource and Systems Management the province scored five and dropped four places to one in the 2013/14 review period; and,
  • For Financial Management the Free State dropped one spot from six to five.

It is evident that under the poor leadership of Premier Ace Magashule the Free State continuous to deteriorate on almost all socio-economic indicators. The ANC does not have the policies, the political will and the vision to improve the lives of the people of the Free State. It appears that the ANC’s main objective is working towards the self-enrichment of its cadres and the expense of the poorest of the poor.

The saddest part is that this deterioration in good governance in Free State has a direct negative impact in the quality of life of the people of the province. The current provincial unemployment rate is at 40% (expanded definition). Out of a total workforce population of 1.25 million, 496 000 people are unable to find jobs. Youth unemployment in the Free State is the highest in the country at 48.2%.

The almost one million people on social grants that Premier Magashule boasts about is indicative of a provincial population that has been cast into dependency and servitude to a political elite. This governing elite is increasingly becoming politically incapacitated by shrinking financial resources and growing expectations.

The DA on the other hand, where we govern, continues to excel and improve on all socio-economic indicators with determination, striving to deliver quality basic services to all. Where we govern, the DA ensures efficient financial management to the benefit of the people. We have a zero tolerance towards corruption and are committed to good clean, transparent and effective governance.