Gauteng premier not serious about e-toll review panel

John Moodey MPL

DA Gauteng Provincial Leader

Gauteng premier David Makhura this morning made it clear that he is not serious about scrapping tolling on the province’s highways, by refusing to oppose national legislation.

In his response to DA oral questions the premier said that he has no intention to use the findings from the E-toll review panel to declare a dispute between provincial and national government, nor considered judicial action, despite overwhelming opposition to tolling.

The premier’s remark makes it clear that he is not serious about the damaging effects of E-tolls, the review panel, or its recommendations.

In fact it reduces the panel’s work to being a mere farce, and that the opinions of the people of Gauteng do not matter.

Premier Makhura must now decide. Will he stick with the people of Gauteng as proclaimed today and in the past, or was the E-toll review panel a mere smokescreen to pacify public opinion.

Only time will tell.