Get Back to Basics, Msunduzi

Mergan K Chetty MP

DA National Council of Provinces member

At the recently hosted COGTA Summit, the President invited Mayors, Speakers, Whips, Municipal Managers and CFO’s of municipalities, expressing upon them the need to go Back to Basics in addressing the increase in service delivery protests that we are currently experiencing. Msunduzi was fully represented and one hopes that both the sound advice and words of caution, did not fall on deaf ears!

The plea was for councils to get the basics right, viz, repair street lights, cut overgrown verges, pick up refuse, fix water leaks, sort out potholes, get robots to work, amongst other issues of community concern. Councils must engage with communities and ensure that service delivery is their priority. The recent land invasions, service delivery protests, financial support of R 36 million to a football club, R 1 million for a Jazz festival whilst councils debt is currently sitting at R 1, 5 bln, is indeed not a move in the right direction of going Back to Basics.

Msunduzi isn’t alone, Nelson Mandela Bay, splurged approximately R30 million for a football club and the City of Tswana spent R65 million on their TribeOne festival that has been cancelled.  The DA has been tirelessly driving these maladies through Parliament and the media, and is satisfied that the President is now taking heed of our call. One prays that it isn’t too little to late, and the backlog of service delivery must lay at the feet of incompetent cadre deployment to positions of authority without relevant qualifications.

Get Back to Basics, Msunduzi and focus on your core business, service delivery.