Is this the outcome the community desired?

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Provincial Leader

The fact that nearly 17 000 children will be forced to repeat their grades cannot be seen as a victory for anyone involved in the schools shutdown. Who is fooling who? It is a bloody shame, to say the least, that matriculants will be de-registered and be forced to repeat their grades. It is a shame that this scenario is playing itself out in the province. Any child has the expectation to study or to have further plans for next year, which will not be realised. The matriculants will be facing enormous pressure to catch up for the supplementary examinations in order to make the politicians look good. Where is the good story of the ANC?

The community has to ask themselves – is this truly what they wanted?

Where is the premier now? When the DA suggested that the army should be used to fight the situation, we were told apartheid strategies won’t be used. Whether this is an apartheid strategy or not, if drastic interventions were implemented, we won’t be in this situation.

Apartheid is used as a soft excuse while our children suffer. Who is going to take responsibility for this? Twenty years down the line, we must stop using apartheid as a scapegoat.

Yes, the DA believes and agrees that apartheid was the worst thing to happen to any South African. However, it is about time to take leadership and stop using apartheid for convenience’s sake and to cover mistakes when it suits us. I’m a victim myself of apartheid, but the ANC is just using it to play the blame game and to avoid any accountability.

There is such conflicting information being disseminated from the provincial government. It seems that the Premier and the MEC for Education don’t talk to each other at all. Yet both are members of the same executive. Why do I get the impression that struggles for political power is at the root of this? It is strange that the department of Education now says there isn’t enough time to implement a recovery plan. In August, the department indicated that the recovery plan requires 28 days and there is still approximately 40 days left.

What is stopping the implementation of the recovery plan, in which the department of Education had so much faith?

The credibility of this government becomes questionable when it comes to bread and butter issues.