Kokstad Speaker must refrain from ‘mumbo jumbo’ without substance

Francois Rodgers, MPL

DA Constituency Leader for Sisonke

After more than a year of waiting, Kokstad’s Council Speaker, Zolani Mhlongo conceded and allocated portfolio committees to two DA councillors during a special council meeting on Friday last week.

Interestingly the item was not part of the agenda at the meeting.

The event took place after the DA last week issued a strong media statement condemning the ANC-led municipal council for failing to appoint DA members to portfolios.

While we welcome the Speaker’s recent about-turn, his inaccurate and misleading response cannot go unchallenged.

According to the Speaker, DA Councillor Karen Walker was allocated to serve on the community development committee but only attended one meeting.  Councillor Walker did attend one meeting – as an observer.

Given his outrageous statement, perhaps the Speaker would like to supply the people of Kokstad with a copy of the resolution where the allocation was made? Perhaps he can also explain why, as per the monthly executive minutes, Councillor Walker is not listed as a serving member on any committee?

The Kokstad community want facts Mr Speaker – not ‘mumbo jumbo’ without any substance.

In light of the Speaker’s unfounded allegations, it is also interesting to note that the Council minutes for July 2014 indicate that only 25% of all committees of the Greater Kokstad Municipality met.  This was due to non-attendance by ANC councillors.

It is time that the Speaker focused as much time and energy on council matters as he does on his business interests.  The people of Kokstad deserve much more.