Limpopo education in a state of collapse

Jacques Smalle (MPL)

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

Limpopo learners continue to face a tough challenge in achieving better results in Maths and Science while government is trapped in denial of the cause of the major problems.

DA has in good authority, established the reason why Limpopo schools continue to fail in achieving good results in Maths and Science subjects in Limpopo schools.

Being the largest beneficiary of Limpopo provincial budget, the notorious and scandalous department of Education has over the years failed to invest in teacher language skills and Maths pedagogy in our schools.  We are producing a poorly educated workforce, that cannot compete in the global economy. This is a disservice to the learners in this province.

According to education’s annual performance plan: a quarterly target for 2014/15 reflects the performance outcome of learners in grade 3, 6, and 9 languages and maths skills. The pass rate into ANA languages of grade 3 is 60.49%, grade 6 is 46.99% and grade 9 is at 22.54%. However the pass rate in maths in ANA grade 3 is 54.99%, grade 6 is 18.79% and grade 9 is 14.71 %

This suggests just how little ANC led government cares about the deteriorating state of maths education. There is currently around a 141 teachers out of 3915 schools receiving training in maths education.

In view of this circus, the DA calls for the department to face challenges posed by the province’s low quality school system, particularly with respect to those student teachers not specialising in Maths or English.