MEC must act to end EMS strike

Jane Sithole MPL

Spokesperson for Department of Health

The Mpumalanga Health MEC, Gillion Mashego, must immediately act to ensure that emergency services are restored to the province. The Emergency medical services have come to a standstill in Mbombela due to a protest action taking place in the CBD.

The DA was on site to speak to the employees and determine what the current situation is and what has led them to down tools and take to the streets in protest.  The common denominator is low salaries, failure to pay out overtime and the overall opinion that the MEC and the department are not interested in hearing their pleas.

The protest action started early this morning and has put the people of Mpumalanga at risk. Yesterday 6 people died on the R40 and an absence of EMS services could be devastating if another accident was to occur.

It is appalling that neither the MEC nor the HOD has made any effort to address the striking EMS personnel.

EMS representatives have confirmed that they will remain striking until their grievances are heard.

Given that EMS is an essential service, rendering this strike action illegal, the MEC and HOD must act immediately to ensure that all striking personnel return to service without further delay.