MEGA CEO: R4.4 million Golden Handshake Hindering

Bosman Grobler MPL

Spokesperson – SCOPA

The R4,4 million golden handshake offered to former MEGA CEO Boyce Mkhize to vacate his position at the embattled entity is directly hindering SCOPA to fulfil its financial oversight function.

The DA expressed our disgust at the R4.4 million pay-out, however matters worsened during a SCOPA meeting held at the Mpumalanga Legislature last week. MEGA officials appeared before the public accounts committee to answer questions relating to the 2012/2013 annual report and to provide an updated progress report on the 2011/2012 house resolutions.

However, the committee meeting was completely ineffective, since the author of all decisions made during the mentioned periods, namely the former CEO has been relieved of his responsibilities. Questions asked by members during the committee meeting could not be answered by those in attendance and the MEGA delegation had to be sent back to prepare for a new meeting.

While it is concerning that SCOPA is only dealing with 2011 reports now, the DA will not accept the actions of mal-administrators, who escape accountability by virtue of being offered lucrative pay-outs to vacate their position.

The DA will make it our business to make the committee of SCOPA more relevant. In this light, we will write to the chairperson of SCOPA, requesting that the former MEGA CEO be summonsed to appear before the committee, preferably prior to him receiving his R4,4 million. His role in creating the entities financial chaos must be determined and he must be held accountable, even if this entails recovering monies from his personal capacity.