Moloto Road infamy a testimony to police ineptitude

Neil Campbell MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Roads and Transport

The dangerous R573 ‘Moloto’ road between Pretoria and Mpumalanga is the subject of a TV series ‘World’s Most Dangerous Roads’ filmed for the German channel Vox – highlighting the lack of policy implementation by police.

What distinguishes this road from all other in the series to date is that the road itself is not risky, but rather because of the appalling attitude of those who use the road and their flagrant disregard for any principle of road-safety. Drunk driving and walking, speeding and reckless overtaking are all commonplace.

In most places when the law is broken effective policing is used to modify behaviour, but on this road it seems that the police turn a blind eye.

To reduce South Africa’s world leading road collision and fatality figure we do not need yet another ineffective and costly media campaign.

What is needed are dedicated police officials who apply appropriate policing policy for road violations and ensure that perpetrators are brought to book.