Oudtshoorn local government

Adv. Lennit Max MPP

DA Western Cape Spokesperson for Transport and Public Works

Honourable Speaker,

In 2011 the Oudtshoorn community elected a local government. But some of their public representatives realised that an Oudtshoorn local government under the ANC was heading for disaster as the ANC councillors had chosen their own interests over the people who elected them.

Subsequently, five (5) councillors resigned from the ANC and joined the DA realising that the DA is the only political Party which could deliver to the needs and expectations of the people of Oudtshoorn.

On 07 August 2013 the people of Oudtshoorn changed course and during a Bi-Election mandated the DA to serve, and take over the government.

However, the power hungry and self-interested ANC refused to accept, and to respect the will of the people of Oudtshoorn, and the Constitution by refusing to vacate their offices and hand over power.

On 27 August 2014, a year later, the Western Cape High Court concluded in its judgment that the actions of the ANC to prevent the DA from assuming power is unlawful, frivolous and baseless, and ordered them to surrender to the DA.

President Zuma and his cabinet ministers of the security cluster, without delay jumped into action to invoke urgent measures to – as they call it – “to protect the dignity of Parliament and to restore democracy,” after their stand-off last week with the EFF.

Now, the DA is waiting to see whether the ANC is going to “walk their talk” in Oudtshoorn, by imploring their highest Party structures to ensure that yesterday’s court judgment and the Constitution is respected, and complied with, and that the dignity of the Oudtshoorn Municipality is restored, so that democracy can prevail.

Speaker, the Democratic Alliance will now restore democracy in Oudtshoorn.