Police intervention needed before Khutsong erupts

Kate Lorimer MPL

DA Shadow MEC: Community Safety

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Gauteng calls for urgent police intervention in Khutsong before violence erupts in the township.

This comes as a local gang have threatened to kill community members in revenge for the killing of one of their members in an act of mob justice.

Mob justice can never be condoned. However, this act is generally indicative of a poor response by our police services to communities concerns.

The SAPS have an opportunity to act swiftly and proactively in this situation.

They also have an opportunity to prove to the community that they have their best interests at heart and that there is no need to resort to mob justice.

Gangsterism appears to be on the increase in the township and community members are disillusioned with the apparent lack of response by police.

With the country’s crime statistics set to be released today, it is critical that communities such as Khutsong are given reassurance that their safety is being taken seriously.